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EASE is part of HRnetGroup’s recruitment ecosystem. With 32 years of industry expertise and over 1000 consultants across 17 Asian cities, we shape the recruitment industry through harnessing technology that is rooted in a deep understanding of the talent landscape. Learn more

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Find the best candidates by setting up screening questions. This feature allows you to filter out candidates who don't meet your requirements and connect you to the ones who do; faster.

Efficient Candidate Filtering

Pick the cream of the crop by evaluating the responses to your screening questions prior to shortlisting your candidates.

Filter 'Right-to-Work' Status Seamlessly

Save time by filtering candidates based on their 'Right-to-Work' status. Doing so helps you save time by engaging with eligible applicants only.

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Enhance Your Company's Appeal

Stand out from the crowd by creating an awesome company profile. Share photos, talk about your corporate culture and mission as an organisation. Give candidates insights into what it's like being a part of the team.

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Increase your visibility through our Featured Employer section on the home page. This prime spot will give you maximum exposure to the candidates.

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Gain access to an even wider audience via our social media platforms. Our posts go out on a regular basis to our followers which means that they'll always be updated with the latest jobs.

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Backed by 32 years of industry experience and a network of over 800 consultants, we’re your ultimate hiring and talent management partner. And we’ve got you covered with a comprehensive suite of HR solutions.

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Job Search and Recruitment Has Never Been Easier!

EASE is a brand new, mobile-first job portal. The app empowers job seekers with a user-friendly interface, offering features that simplify and enhance their job search experience. It is a game-changer for employers too by streamlining the job posting and recruitment process so that they can discover the best talents while saving valuable time and resources.

With EASE, candidates and employers are able to find their perfect matches effortlessly!

EASE is powered by HRnetGroup, a leading recruitment firm in Asia since 1992. Headquartered in Singapore, HRnetGroup has offices across 17 cities in Asia.

*Free job posts from now till the end of 2024

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